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In every Pokémon game, players are rewarded for achieving Pokédex milestones, like capturing all available pocket monsters. The Pokédex serves as an electronic encyclopedia that provides vital information about different Pokémon species, including their elemental types, sizes, and wild habitats.

The modern Pokedex is a web page that acts as a comprehensive database for Pokémon. Its purpose is to gather and store information about every encountered Pokémon, in line with Professor Oak’s ambition for a complete Pokémon repository. Pokémon entries are registered in the Pokedex simply by encountering them in battles or by viewing their pictures. However, detailed data is only recorded when players actually obtain the Pokémon through catching, evolving, breeding, receiving as gifts, or trading.

To delve deeper into the Pokémon world, trainers can utilize the Advanced Search feature, which allows exploration based on criteria such as type, weakness, ability, and more. Whether you’re searching for a specific Pokémon by name or using its National Pokedex number, the Advanced Search provides a convenient way to navigate through the vast array of Pokémon species.

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